Bow River Loop

Quick Facts

Ramble through some of the Park’s wonderful Foothills Fescue Grasslands south of the railway tracks. Views of the historic Bow River Horse Ranch, across the river to the south, and the beautiful fescue-covered hillsides to the north are not to be missed.

Trail Restrictions: None – pedestrians and cyclists permitted

Trail Composition: 4.8 km Granular

Average Walking Time (one way – no stopping): 1 Hour 20 Minutes

Seasonality: Open year-round (note that ice may be present in fall through spring months)

Trail Profile: 


Highest Elevation: ~1123 m

Lowest Elevation: ~1100 m

Trail Details:

The Bow River Loop is a lovely trail on the south side of the Railway Tracks. Please note that there is currently only one railway crossing in the Park. The western trailhead for this loop is just south of the railway crossing on Glenbow Trail.

At this point, you may choose to take the western branch of the loop, which takes you towards the Glenbow Store and Post Office, and then back along the Bow River, OR make your way south along the Bow River Loop Connector to enjoy a walk to the east, along the river and then meet up with Glenbow Trail just east of the washroom and kiosk.

Though the pathway does not provide direct river access, the views of the river and valley are glorious. Compared to many of Glenbow Ranch’s trails, the Bow River Loop is only slightly rolling, and a nice relaxing walk. Bring plenty of water in the summer, as the valley bottom does heat up!

255001 Glenbow Road
Cochrane, Alberta T4C 0B7
Phone: 403-851-9053

Park Hours
The park is open for your enjoyment Sunrise to Sunset every day of the year.

Visitor Information Centre
Open 11:00 am to 3:00 pm* on weekends over the fall and winter pending volunteer availability.





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