Event: Glenbow Herbarium

The GRPP herbarium project started in the summer of 2014. After 5 years of collecting, pressing, gluing and information gathering, a collection of 170 plants was ready to be displayed. Please join us as we discuss the story of our herbarium and also explore the many plants that are important to the botanical ecosystem of GRPP.

Christine Costello is a steward at GRPP since 2016. She joined the herbarium group due to her love of the botanical study of plants. This year, she was also involved in rebuilding a ‘Native Plant Demonstration’ garden at the visitor’s centre. She is also a board member of the Alberta Mycological Society which is involved in the study of Alberta mushrooms. Since her retirement in 2015, she has enjoyed pursuing her interest in nature, science and the environment and is pleased to share her knowledge with others.

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