Pond Invertebrate Explorer

This 2-hour Pond Invertebrates program starts with a short visual demonstration of our local pond’s inhabitants, the movement of water and the importance of secondary ecosystems. Afterwards, we take a short hike with nets, buckets, mini aquariums and identifier sheets to our local pond. The students are then tasked with collecting multiple species of pond invertebrates and identifying them. For some of the trickier ones we can examine them under a field microscope! From there we return the invertebrates back to the pond and hike back up to the parking lot where there are plenty of picnic tables to enjoy the beauty of our park!

Pond Invertebrate Explorer Details

Great for Grade 2 and 5 Science!

Length: 2 hours 

Cost: $150 

Up to 15 children per program (additional children can be added at $10 per child with an extra parent volunteer required) 

  • Before heading out to explore the pond (will vary in detail depending on age of group) we showcase a visual slideshow. Topics are as follows: 
  • Look, listen and smell… what do your senses tell you about this pond? 
  • Discussion about the importance of biotic and abiotic components of a riparian ecosystem 
  • What are the producers, herbivores and carnivores in this ecosystem?
  • Discuss different zones of the pond: Littoral, Limnetic and Benthic… who lives in which zone? 
  • Intro to the types of invertebrates in the pond (Dragon/ Damselfly Nymphs, Water Striders, Leeches, etc.) and differences in their locomotion
  • Discussion about life cycles 
  • As we walk to the pond:  
  • Discover some of our Parks’ local Fauna and Flora species along Tiger lily Loop 
  • Develop an idea of indigenous history/ Harvie family
  • history
  • Explore the pond! (Use nets to catch critters and put them in a pail to observe.  Try to key out what type of organism it is using identification template.)  
  • Share unique/ interesting finds (usually salamanders/ frogs) with group 
  • Visually see the different forms of locomotion of insects 
  • Create Mini “Aquarium habitat” with as much varying species as possible 
  • Entertain group during trek back to VIC/ Classroom  
  • Identify species in Mini Aquarium using identification charts  
  • Offer use of common space for lunch/ snack 
  • Visit Interpretative Center  

Please be advised this is an OUTDOOR program and you should be prepared for any changes in weather. Due to the nature of this program, personal rubber boots are REQUIRED.

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