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Curriculum Connections

Division Two programs focus on local and regional cultural identities in Alberta and Canada. Grade 4 students are introduced to 11,000 years of life in Alberta. From native life, to the fur trade and European settlement, station work and excavations provide students with insight into Alberta’s history and ancestry from an archaeologist’s point of view. Through station work and excavations, Grade 5 students examine Canadian history and peoples through archaeology. Grade 6 students explore the science of archaeology. From survey to lab work, they look at how and why archaeologists make the decisions they do.

  • Grade One: 1.2 Moving Forward with the Past
  • Grade Two: 2.1 Canada’s Dynamic Communities
  • Grade Three: 3.1 Communities in the World
  • Grade Four: All outcomes in Alberta: The Land, Histories, and Stories
  • Grade Five: All outcomes in Canada: The Land and Stories
  • Grade Six: 6.2 Historical Models of Democracy: Ancient Athens and the Iroquois Confederacy (and Science Topic D: Evidence and Investigation)

This program also includes a simulated archaeology dig where the students get to uncovers artifacts and findings in our archaeological pits!


Kindergarten & Division One – In-class, half day, $175/class*, max 32 students

Division Two – In-class, half day, $175/class*, max 32 students

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