1. Event: A Cloud of Bats

    Robert Barclay is back for a second straight year!  Last year he left quite an imperssion as his presentation included live bats! This year his presentation will use photos to introduce the tremendous global diversity of bats, the types of bats that live in Alberta, their unique adaptations and life cycle, and some of the challenges they currently face, including white-nose syndrome (a fungal disease) and fatalities at wind turbines. The talk will be followed (weather permitting) by a walk with bat detectors to listen to local bats as they feed in the park.

    Robert Barclay is a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary. He teaches in the ecology and the zoology programs, as well as in the first year introductory courses. He and his students study the ecology, behaviour and conservation biology of various organisms, but primarily bats. The research focuses on the basic biology of bats, but also on the impact of wind energy, and forestry on bats, and how these nocturnal mammals make a living in Northern Canada.

  2. Event: The Birds and The Bees

    Ready for a walk on the wild side? Join Shalane Friesen as she explains the humorous and fascinating techniques that plants and animals use to pass their genetics on to the next generation. Due to this guided program being full of innuendos, it is recommended for participants 14 years or older.

    Shalane Friesen is the Head of Visitor Services for Alberta’s newest provincial park, the Castle. She manages programs with the aim to foster a love of nature and spark curiosity about science. An avid hiker, zoologist and nature nerd, she truly enjoys sharing the secrets behind our rich biodiversity.

  3. Event: A Very Bee’zy Summer

    Spend an evening learning all about the Wildlife Preservation Canada (WPC) and their Native Pollinator Initiatives during this month’s Park Talk. After covering some bumble bee 101, the talk will focus primarily on bumble bee citizen science initiatives led by WPC in both Alberta and Ontario, with a major emphasis on the value of Bumble Bee Watch for research and conservation programs across North America. This is a great opportunity to find out how we can catch, identify, release and most importantly conserve our local bee species!

  4. Event: Canada Day Hike at the Ranch

    What a great way to celebrate Canada’s birthday! Stunning vistas, beautiful scenery and fascinating history await. Wear your red and white and join us on this two-hour guided walking tour.

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  5. Event: Indigenous Peoples Day

    Join us for a celebration of the rich history of our lands and the culture of our neighbors, the Stoney Nakoda People. It will be a day of celebration, learning, and sharing! 

    When: August 23rd from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

    Where: Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

    Make sure to check the weather and dress accordingly!

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  6. Event: Pilgrimage, Sanctuary, and the Parks and Nature at End of Life

    We all feel it – whether looking outside, in a field, at a beach, or on a mountain – nature gives us perspective about life and death. In her talk “Pilgrimage, sanctuary, and the place of parks and nature at end of life” Dr. Sonya Jakubec will explain the background and lessons learned from a collection of Alberta Parks sponsored studies of park access and experiences for people in palliative care and grief and loss.  Through research discoveries, stories and documentary film, Sonya will share accounts of pilgrimage and sanctuary – and the ways parks and nature provide peace and comfort at end of life. Join us for this life affirming journey with your interest, dialogue and discussion – after all, nothing is more natural than death and loss!

    Come on out for this unique talk, it is sure to be a very enlightening evening!

    About Dr. Sonya Jakubec: Dr. Sonya Jakubec is a Registered Nurse, and Professor in the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta. Her research alongside community, provincial, national organizations is concerned with the interconnection of supportive environments and well-being across the lifespan. 

  7. Event: Geology Golf Cart Tour

    Ever wondered why the Rockies exist to the west of Glenbow Ranch, and not to the East? What would Senator Cochrane’s crew have encountered digging a humongous water well on Glenbow Ranch? Why are springs critical to the ecosystems in the park? What will the Bow Valley look like in 40,000 years into the future? Join Michael Taylor on a wander through the geological ages of Glenbow Ranch, and see the park through the eyes and imagination of a veteran field geologist.

    When: June 1st at 10:00 am to 12:00 pm – meet in the parking lot.

    Where: Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

    Cost: $25 Maximum 15 people

    Make sure to check the weather and dress accordingly!

    Register here to reserve your spot!!

  8. Event: The Invisible Micro-Universe

    Ready to explore the world you can’t see?! Robert Berland’s presentation will include a wide variety of photographs and movies of micro-organisms found living in ponds, rivers, streams, moss and fields including close-ups of arthropods, protozoa, and tardigrades (water bears). This amazing universe of organisms is all around us, and these aliens can be photographed with a microscope and digital camera.

    Most people have never seen the alien life that lives in our backyard, our gutters, and bird baths. Some of these tiny complex creatures do not age, they can with stand Ultra-violet light, X-rays, extreme temperatures, desiccation and even survive in the vacuum and cold of outer space.

    About Robert Berdan: Dr. Robert Berdan is a professional nature photographer living in Calgary, AB specializing in nature, wildlife and science photography. Robert retired from Cell\Neurobiology research to take up photography full time years ago. Robert offers photo guiding and private instruction in all aspects of nature photography, Photoshop training, photomicrography, and macrophotography. His most recent photography focuses on the micro-world around us.

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