So… You’re Planning a Visit to the Park! GREAT!

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is a wonderful place for any school to visit!

Built on a unique relationship with Alberta Parks, Glenbow Ranch Parks Foundation provides all visitor services at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. This includes school programs. The Foundation staff has years of public education experience, providing the Discover Archaeology program to approximately 2000 students each year. We are in the process of building out our on-park offerings, and are more than happy to work with you to enrich your students’ classroom learning.

Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation offers a limited number of guided walks for school groups each month. To enquire about availability, fees, and book a tour for your class, please contact Sue at .

Come and explore the natural wonder of any season, but come prepared.

If you would like to visit the park with your class, be certain that you:

  1. Email to us a completed School Group Use form. This information allows us to provide you with a quality outdoor education experience by managing the number of groups accessing the park at once. It also helps us understand how you propose to use the park, allowing us to carefully manage the resource base.
  2. Ensure that your students all have enough water for the day, as there is no access to drinking or washing water at the park.
  3. Understand that there are no group shelters at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. Should the weather turn, students and teachers should be prepared with appropriate outdoor clothing and footwear. Bus companies should be available to transport classes and teachers should be able to contact the companies to request pickups as required.
  4. Are familiar with the lay of that land, the lengthy distances involved to traverse the park, and the locations of park facilities (washrooms and picnic areas). It is very important that you visit the park before your class trip.
  5. Understand when the Visitor Centre is open (should you choose to make use of it):

Please see our Visitor Centre Page for up-to-date details about when to expect it to be open.

Please Note: During inclement weather, or when the road conditions on Glenbow Road are impassable for cars, the VIC will remain closed.



Contact Us

FOR PROGRAMS: 403-851-9053 or

SnailMail: 255001 Glenbow Road

Cochrane, Alberta T4C 0B7

Phone: 403-851-9053



Park Hours                                                                                                                                                                     The park is open for your enjoyment Sunrise to Sunset every day of the year.

Visitor Information Centre                                                                                                                                       Open 11:00 am to 3:00 pm* on weekends over the fall and winter pending volunteer availability:

*During inclement weather, or when the road conditions on Glenbow Road are impassable for cars, the centre will remain closed.

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