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Badgers have returned once more to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park.

It has been four years since the last sighting of these amazing creatures which add to the incredible amounts of biodiversity within the park. Our badgers are a specific subspecies of badger known as American Badgers (Taxidea taxus). These carnivores can live up to ten years. Their most distinctive features are their incredibly long foreclaws (up to 5 cm) and common head markings (a white line from nose to back of head). Adult American Badger can be anywhere from 60 – 75 (cm) or 23.5 – 29.5 (in) long, with male badgers typically being slightly larger than the female.

The American badger gives birth during the months of March and April. The newborn baby badgers remain underground until they are around six weeks old. Interesting fact: Did you know that the coyotes and badgers work in a mutualistic relationship? The badger digs underground, while the coyote waits on top for their prey. The badger then catches the prey that run from the coyote. This increases their hunting success rate.

The badgers we have on-site are believed to be a pair (with one assumed to a male due to his size difference.) They have been spotted cooperating with one another in order to hunt our excessive numbers of Richardson Ground Squirrels, which happen to be one of their main food sources. We also have reports of a third badger, possibly the offspring of the pair. However, this is unconfirmed.

You may spot the badgers along the paved path near the general store and the corrals. For more information, visit the Visitor Information Centre.

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Badgers can be quite confrontational, so it is important to be as quiet as possible if you see them. Please do not leave the trail.

Keep all pets on leash. These are wild animals and the species is known to be aggressive and territorial.


More news

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If you’re looking for a stunning section of the Trans-Canada Trail (TCT) in Alberta to cycle visit Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, an oasis of rolling green hills on the banks of the Bow River. While the TCT trail is completed in Glenbow Ranch there is a plan to connect Cochrane to Calgary; the only thing missing is a small strip of land near the Calgary city limits ...
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For Caroline Barclay, Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park recently became a whole lot more significant. Over the last few months, Barclay has been at the head of a translation project which would see members of her Filipino-Canadian community in Cochrane and Calgary invited to a one-day free golf cart tour through the ranch presented in Tagalog, the national language of the Philippines ...
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We here at the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation are excited to showcase our partnership with Alberta Beef Producers through our Explore Grasslands Program. This partnership came into fruition on June 21st at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. Students from Airdrie's R.J Hawkey School attended the park and were greeted by the Copithornes (the Ranchers who are responsible for the cattle at the park,) as well as our very own program and outreach coordinator, Nathan Foy ...
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On June 22nd, Palwinder (Paul) Singh and and Alejandro Vasquez, our volunteer Punjabi and Spanish translators, took park in training to prepare them for the tours they will lead in their respective languages.  Paul and Alejandro are just two of our five volunteer translators who will lead a series of tours here at Glenbow Ranch this summer as part of our Translated Visitor Services Initiative ...
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Upcoming Events

A Different Kind of Park

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is where it all comes together – the past, the present, and the future. Come for an hour, a morning or a day… there’s always something to see at the Park. Within minutes of Calgary and Cochrane, but remote enough to allow for you to recreate, relax and reflect in rural surroundings. This is your Park!

Blast from the Past

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Near 'the island' 1983, Theo Mitchell
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Glenbow Ranch 1983, Theo Mitchell
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Glenbow Ranch 1986, Theo Mitchell
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Waverly Ranch tree 1983, Theo Mitchell