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Rocky View Weekly: GRPF celebrates busy summer at the park

Photo credit: Rocky View Weekly

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park enjoyed a busy, highlight-filled summer, according to Executive Director of the Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation (GRPF) Sarah Parker.

“It was certainly busy at the park, and word of mouth from regulars was…the parking lot was packed much earlier,” she said.

This summer, Parker said, Glenbow Ranch took full advantage of its recently-opened visitor centre, which was under construction last season. According to Parker, volunteers tracked more than 200 visitors per weekend at the new facility, which she said doesn’t account for visitors that might have bypassed the centre during their stay.

She estimated attendance at the park throughout the summer months surpassed last year’s, and added she was surprised at the number of international guests who visited Glenbow Ranch – including travelers from Scotland, Thailand, New Zealand and Mallorca.

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Rocky View Weekly: Citizen scientists tracks bee population

Rocky View Weekly: Citizen scientists tracks bee population

Organizers were pleased with the outcome of the second year of a program at Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park that trains citizen scientists how to spot, photograph and identify bumblebees ...
Park talk: There's something in the water

Park talk: There’s something in the water

As part of their sponsorship of GRPF's "Explore Pond" program, Urban Systems volunteered staff to help in education program development and conducted a site assessment. They also offered to lead this month's Park Talk. Come out and learn about the importance of our main pond in the biodiversity of the park and find out about the health of the pond ecosystem ...
Translated Tours

Translated Tours

This summer, 5 new incredible volunteers trained to deliver our golf cart tours in their respective mother tongues. Caroline Barclay, Alejandro Vasquez, Paul Singh, Louay Ghassan and Erin Shier devoted their time to learning and translating our Best of Glenbow Tour into Tagalog, Spanish, Punjabi, Arabic, and French respectively. We wish to thank these volunteers for sharing the history and ecology of Glenbow Ranch in their own languages. Participants were delighted to take part and had nothing but wonderful things to say about these devoted volunteers! A big thank you goes to the Calgary Foundation, Cochrane Immigrant and Family Services, ...
A look back at the summer

A look back at the summer

This week, children all over the city said goodbye to summertime and started their first days of school. School, along with the already-changing leaves on the trees and the cool mornings, have made summertime seem almost like a distant memory ...

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Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is where it all comes together – the past, the present, and the future. Come for an hour, a morning or a day… there’s always something to see at the Park. Within minutes of Calgary and Cochrane, but remote enough to allow for you to recreate, relax and reflect in rural surroundings. This is your Park!

Blast from the Past

Glenbow Store doorway 1983 Theo Mitchell
Glenbow Store doorway 1983, Theo Mitchell
Glenbow Ranch 1986 Theo Mitchell
Glenbow Ranch 1986, Theo Mitchell
Near 'the island' 1983 Theo Mitchell 2
Near 'the island' 1983, Theo Mitchell 2
Near Glenbow Quarry 1983 Theo Mitchell 2
Near Glenbow Quarry 1983, Theo Mitchell
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The park is open for your enjoyment Sunrise to Sunset every day of the year.

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Open 11:00 am to 3:00 pm* on weekends over the fall and winter pending volunteer availability.





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